About us

Breaking new ground in literary rights negotiations

Bookandia connects buyers and sellers of literary rights through its platform, enabling them to discover, evaluate, buy, and sell these rights in an efficient manner.

By complementing the work of book fairs such as Frankfurt, London, and Guadalajara, bookandia not only allows for the acquisition but also the representation of a large number of works, both fiction and non-fiction, in a remarkably easy way.

The rights buyer (editor, producer, etc.) will only receive proposals from the agents of their choice, avoiding indiscriminate submissions.

Co-agents can expand their portfolio by finding new rights holders to represent.

The rights manager and the authors agent can easily find co-agents for new translations and adaptations.

A professional community

Bookandia's main goal is to facilitate the work of author agents, foreign and audiovisual rights agents, co-agents, and publisher rights managers. These professionals typically invite their buyers (such as publishers and audiovisual producers).

To maintain the high level of quality that market professionals demand from any tool they use in their work, access to the bookandia community is granted through an invitation from another member. However, if you learn about our platform through other means, you can also request an invitation. While we cannot guarantee access, we can assure you that your request will be promptly considered and responded to.

A young start-up

Bookandia is a startup that was launched in 2024 by a group of web designers who gained extensive experience in developing management systems for international literary agencies.

Leveraging this knowledge, we have devised innovative solutions to streamline the daily work of literary agents in all of their facets. By focusing on the role of this business intermediary, we have successfully presented proposals to buyers that are more aligned with their expectations.

bookandia LLC
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